Plant Protein vs. Whey Protein

Plant Protein vs. Whey Protein

Every human needs protein to survive and in order to get the protein we need, it depends on the food we eat. Our diet uses protein to help our bodies repair cells and make new ones. It is also very important for growth and development in not only children but adults as well. Since protein is needed in order to live our day to day life, why not choose ones that are beneficial to our health?

When you take a look at the ingredients list of many protein products, the two sources are either plant based or animal based protein. You can expect to see whey protein as one of the most common ingredients for protein products such as protein bars, meal replacements, and even certain fruit smoothies. Whey protein consists of concentrated dairy/milk protein and although it increases levels of IGF-1(Insulin-Like Growth Factor 1), which aids in growth of muscles and bones, too much of it can be detrimental to your health and the impact is even worse for cancer patients. 

While Whey Protein has its benefits, people can start seeing side effects and other possible dangers over time. The highest levels of IGF-1 are found during the pubescent stage and it is critical for growth and development during childhood. However, if those levels remain high in adulthood, it will speed up the aging process, thus reducing immune function and promoting cancer. The connection between IGF-1 and cancer has been recognized for many years. In fact, cancer drugs that target the IGF-1 pathway began being developed in the 1990s, and decreasing IGF-1 levels through diet is considered to be an effective way of cancer prevention. Poultry, dairy, and other animal proteins increase IGF-1 levels while Whole Plant-Based Diets high in unrefined phytonutrients, like those in HEAL, will lower those IGF-1 levels. 

A healthy diet should consist of real whole foods that have natural nutritional value and will not leave us wondering whether it will harm our bodies in the long run. Plant protein is proven to be the superior source of protein because it contains high levels of fiber and antioxidants, which are two important nutrients that are low or even non-existent in animal sources. HEAL is made from 100% plant based ingredients with organic pea, hemp and brown rice being the main source of protein. 

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