Are There Vitamins in HEAL?

Are There Vitamins in HEAL?

One day, while discussing all things nutrition with a nurse at the hospital, I took the opportunity to introduce HEAL. As she looked at the label, I asked if she had any questions about the product. She did. She then asked: “Are there any vitamins in it?” Although the question surprised me, it gave me an opportunity to explain why HEAL is such a game changer for nutrition.

HEAL is physician-developed using science-backed nutritional medicine, and the knowledge that chronic disease (such as heart disease, diabetes, strokes, arthritis, dementia, and most cancers) has its root cause in inflammation, poor immune function, and oxidative stress. Specifically, research has shown that the compounds in whole plant foods, called “phytonutrients”, possess amazing health-promoting qualities, such as enhancing immunity, repairing DNA damage, detoxifying carcinogens, and eliminating inflammation. In fact, in its position paper, the World Health Organization estimated that 3.9 million deaths worldwide were attributable to inadequate consumption of fruits and vegetables. That’s nearly 4 million lives that could have been saved every year just by eating more plants!

When looking at our list of ingredients, there is the glaring absence of synthetic vitamins and minerals. That is because unlike every other product on the market, HEAL derives all of its nutrients from ACTUAL PLANT FOODS in their natural form. There are no synthetic vitamin isolates. This is a big deal, because the body doesn’t use or metabolize synthetic vitamin isolates in the same way it uses actual food. Countless studies have shown that the intake of vitamins and minerals are linked to less illness and disease, but only when the nutrients came from actual foods, not supplements. That is because there is so much more to a vegetable or fruit than an individual vitamin or mineral. Real food comes in a package that includes dozens of phytonutrients, fibers, and enzymes that all work together to impart their incredible health benefits. And certain vitamins, specifically Vitamins A and E, have been shown to result in INCREASED rates of certain cancers when taken in supplement form, but decreased rates when obtained in fruits and vegetables.

So YES, HEAL not only has vitamins, but the vitamins come directly from the source, REAL, WHOLE PLANTS.

Our team at PHOXFoods has a motto: “KNOW better. DO better”. We developed HEAL using science, because we now know that disease, mortality, and disability are intricately tied to your diet. And since the science is clear, we can now do better by helping others get all the whole, unprocessed plants that you need for optimal health and disease-free longevity. So whether you are sick and looking to heal, elderly and needing an easy way to get real nutrients, an athlete wanting better performance, or healthy and looking to stay that way, HEAL is for you.

Stacy Mitchell Doyle, M.D.

Chief Science Officer/Partner


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