A collage of photos of Paul, HEAL's founder, and Linda, his late wife who was diagnosed with ALS.

HEAL Story

How one life-changing diagnosis led to a brand-new product pioneering health and wellness for all. Meet the team behind HEAL.

Our Story

How It Started

When Paul’s late wife Linda was diagnosed with ALS in 2016, he leveraged his training as a first responder into the role of her primary caregiver. As Linda became reliant on a feeding tube for nutrition, Paul learned that commercially available options were limited and were only helping Linda subsist through calories from processed sugar, oil and other processed ingredients.

He dedicated himself to making an option that would provide a wealth of nutrition from real, organic ingredients that would promote health—not just subsistence. After a lot of experimentation (and a lot of blending), HEAL was born in 2017.

Paul joined forces with Dr. Stacy Mitchell Doyle, M.D., who after 18 years in her own medical practice, realized that she was a part of a broken medical system. Her patients were on ever increasing amounts of pharmaceuticals, but the cycle of worsening health and chronic disease was not substantially altered.

Linda’s life and the challenge that she faced with ALS is the reason we are so committed to providing you with the healthiest meal replacement options. Whether you are battling an illness, aging gracefully, performing in fitness or simply looking for optimal health, HEAL is the answer.

A black and white photo of Paul and his late wife, Linda, wearing a hat.
A collage of photos of Paul, HEAL's founder, and Linda, his late wife who was diagnosed with ALS.

Part Of Your Overall Wellness

Optimal health is not just what you eat, but a series of daily decisions we make about our nutrition, exercise, sleep and stress reduction. HEAL is one of the best and easiest choices you can make for your overall health.

Our Team

The People Behind HEAL

CEO Paul Tylla smiling into the camera.

Paul Tylla, Sr.

CEO, Founder

Paul Tylla is the Creator and CEO of PHOX Foods, and the Founder of HEAL. The father of three is a dedicated entrepreneur devoted to personal excellence. He is passionate about finding ways to transform and improve the health industry. Paul co-owns a Crossfit gym with his son, he's a yoga instructor and an esteemed public speaker. He currently lives in Vancouver, BC, and spends his spare time competing in Crossfit competitions and perfecting new products with PHOX Foods.

A portrait of Jordan Birch standing in front of a lake, wearing a HEAL baseball cap.

Jordan Birch MSc. ACC

Chief Impact Officer: Community Relations, B Corp Certification, Strategic Alliances and Business Development

Jordan is a social impact entrepreneur, Co-founder of the Ugly Christmas Sweater phenomenon, adventurer, guide, philanthropist and enlightened former addict whose industry leading innovations and enthusiasm energizes others. Holding a Masters in Applied Ecopsychology, Jordan is recognized as a thought leader in his field, driven by personal experience. He oversees how the culture of HEAL is aligned to its vision, people and processes, as well as monitoring HEAL's organizational performance and holistic excellence through B Corporation Certification.

A portrait of Dr. Stacy Mitchell-Doyle, CMO of HEAL.

Dr. Stacy Mitchell Doyle, M.D.

Chief Medical Officer: Product Formulation, Advocacy, Public Relations, Education and Awareness Programming

Dr. Stacy Mitchell Doyle has always seen medicine and health as a form of social justice and believes that a healthy, vibrant life can be achieved through nutrition and that it should be available to all. With an undergraduate degree in Microbiology from Howard University and MD from the UCLA School of Medicine, her career eventually led her to help create HEAL. When she’s not tending to patients, traveling for speaking engagements, writing, consulting or teaching inner city kids, Dr. Stacy can be found doing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, or relaxing with her husband, daughter and rescue dog.

Jay Kallu taking a walk outside during late autumn.

Jay Kallu

Chief Revenue Officer: Operational Efficiencies and Sales Growth

Jay oversees business development for HEAL in regards to distribution, logistics and global sales strategies. He ensures all of this is aligned to the organization's vision, people and processes.

A side-profile portrait of Paul Jr. Tylla.

Paul (PJ) Tylla, Jr.

Brand Ambassador & Social Content Creator

PJ is the resident content creator, building awareness and engaging with our online community of HEAL fans.

A portrait of Angela.

Angela Waldie

Executive Assistant & Customer Service

Angela provides exceptional support to customers, addressing any inquiries to ensure a seamless purchasing experience, while helping keep the rest of the team on track.

A glass of HEAL meal replacement, with the powder in a measuring spoon next to the glass, and the bag of HEAL in the background.
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